At your eye appointment at MyEyeDr., your doctor examines the health of your eyes.  If your vision changes, you may also get a fitting for contacts or shop for a new pair of glasses.  You would expect to discuss your vision health at your eye exam, but did you know you can also learn about your overall health from one simple technique?

What is retinal imaging?

Retinal imaging is a process where your optometrist takes a fast, easy, and comfortable digital image of your retina, or the back of your eye. You will get a clear image of your eye and blood vessels, including the optic nerve located at the back of your eye. Retinal imaging gives your eye doctor a rapid look at more than 80% of your retina in a single capture. This technology helps enhance the evaluation of your eye health—all to give you better peace of mind!

During your eye exam, all you need to do is sit back while your optometrist takes the image!

Why should I get an image of my retina?

  • Retinal imaging can help us to evaluate your eye health, and in some cases, can help identify other systemic (whole-body) diseases and disorders. In some cases, diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure can first be identified with abnormalities on a retinal image.
  • The technology and ability to analyze the retinal image with filters and algorithms enhances traditional viewing of our most important eye structure.
  • This image is a permanent piece of your medical history that your doctor can refer to at future appointments and assess any changes that you may have.
  • At your appointment, your doctor will have a personalized consultation with you and your image. They will explain what can be seen in your retinas and any concerns they have.

How Can I Learn More?

At MyEyeDr., we’re happy to provide these eye exams and eye care services to patients of all ages. Adults and children can receive a retinal image. Find out more about our retinal imaging capabilities by contacting contact your local MyEyeDr. office and then setting up your appointment online using our easy online scheduler.