Insurance Assignment Policy

We will do our best to accurately verify and file your insurance for services and/or materials, however, benefits quoted by your insurance carrier are not a guarantee of payment. All current insurance information must be provided at the time of service, including any information relating to any open Worker’s Compensation or Personal Injury cases. You are also responsible for any and all co-insurance, deductible, and non-covered services on the day services are rendered.

Non-Covered Services

Should your insurance deny any service or materials for any reason, you will be responsible for full payment to us. You may pursue any reimbursement you deem payable directly from your insurance company.

Insurance coverage varies depending on individual plans and contracts, but we have found that some plans do not cover the following:

  • Additional fees for special diagnostic testing (Routine Retinal Photos)
  • Eyeglass lens and frame options (UV, AR, Scratch)
  • Contact lens evaluation, fitting, follow-up care, and solutions
  • Premium, thinner, oversize, or specialty lenses


We will be happy to maintain any referrals and file any claims directly to your insurance carrier, but we are unable to assume responsibility for any unauthorized treatment. You are responsible for obtaining any referral or pre-authorization required by your insurance company.

Unpaid Balances

We will make every effort to work with you to resolve any outstanding balance. Statements are sent to patients with unpaid balances, any amounts remaining open after the initial billing cycle may be submitted to a collections agency and are subject to additional fees.