MyEyeDr. & Its Related Affiliates Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Protocol & Policy

MyEyeDr. strives to provide proper access and accommodations for our guests and patients with special needs. 

Those in need of accommodations can discuss these privately with the optometrist on duty or contact their local office to make an appointment where special accommodations can be requested.  Our primary points of contact are listed below.

Web Accessibility Notice

MyEyeDr. has engaged in a focused effort to ensure our website is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We aim to ensure we are empowering our patients to live their best lives by providing an online experience that is accessible to those with disabilities and those who require assistive technology to digest our content. While we have initiated this process, we cannot yet guarantee that every page or linked pages are compliant. 

A large portion of the MyEyeDr. site pages are in HTML or plain text format that is easily accessible to those using screen readers and other assistive technology. With correct content structure including headlines, tagging, etc. we aim to present digestible web content that is accessible to all. 

The MyEyeDr. website currently integrates with the following third-parties that may not be fully accessible:

  • 4PatientCare Online Appointment Scheduler
  • Frames Data
  • Google Maps

If you have a specific concern regarding the accessibility of our website, please let us know by contacting us via the methods listed below so that we can address the matter immediately as part of our overall effort to provide the best, most accessible online experience possible.

Our Accessibility & Accommodations Policy

It is the policy of MyEyeDr. and its affiliated entities to provide accessible facilities, equipment, and services to patients and companions with disabilities, including as follows:


MyEyeDr. will make proper reasonable efforts to provide physical access to places open for patient use, including patient-care and reception areas.  Appropriate training to associates and managers on this Policy is also provided. 


MyEyeDr. will have available accessible medical equipment when appropriate to deliver healthcare services to patients with disabilities.  In particular, our offices are designed with at least one exam chair to support wheelchair patients or others with special needs.  Our exam equipment, such as trial lens sets, handheld lenses and diagnostic instruments, including ophthalmoscopes, can be taken from an exam room and used with a patient who may not be able to enter an exam room based on wheelchair sizing or related needs.   


MyEyeDr. will provide reasonable accommodations, such as accessible exam rooms, medical equipment, alternative formats for printed materials, sign language interpreting services, and other accommodations free of charge to patients where such requests are made in advance of an appointment or visit.   


Patients who request or receive an accommodation should have this noted in the patient’s chart or appropriate record. 

Accommodation Requests:  MyEyeDr. will promptly address a patient request for an accommodation and engage in an interactive process with the patient or caregiver on potential accommodations that will work and assist with that patient receiving proper care. 


Patients can direct requests to the optometrist on duty or the office general manager.  Written requests can also be made to our VP of Professional Services at: 

VP of Professional Services, 8614 Westwood Center Drive, 9th Floor Vienna, VA  22182

[email protected]

Optometrists and general managers with questions can contact their assigned Clinical Field Director. 


Should a patient be dissatisfied with the response to an accommodation request or any action concerning this Policy, they may, within 60 days of the response, appeal the response to:

Capital Vision Services, LLC, Attn: Compliance Department

8614 Westwood Center Drive, 9th Floor Vienna, VA  22182

[email protected] 

A response to the appeal will be provided as soon as reasonably practical, with a goal of no more than 30 days unless extenuating circumstances require longer to respond.

Last Updated: July 2023