Embrace the MyEyeDr. Difference

Patients rely on MyEyeDr. as their local eye care company because they make a measurable difference in their patients' vision and lives. By using the most innovative technology, skilled eye doctors and localized services, MyEyeDr. practices are part of a far-reaching effort to improve vision care. Our professional optometrists are championing a new path for eye care.

MyEyeDr. practices strive to offer patients full-service eye care that meets their patients' unique vision, health and financial needs. That’s why MyEyeDr. welcomes all insurances at each of our eye care offices. By working with your insurance provider and plan, MyEyeDr. practices will be able to maximize your benefits and provide you with the best offer on our eye care services and materials. Experience a new, personalized approach to eye care by making an appointment at your closest MyEyeDr. practice.

Trustworthy Eye Doctors & the Brands You Love

So often in life, we find that we have to choose between selection and service, or between quantity and quality. At MyEyeDr., we believe you can have it all when it comes to your eye health and visual needs. MyEyeDr. practices offer services through a team of optometrists who are members of your community and trusted to give optimal vision care, in addition to offering a wide selection of brands and styles of glasses. There's even a style guide to help you envision how your frames could fit into your lifestyle.

MyEyeDr. practices provide a variety of eye care services, welcoming all insurances at our eye care locations.