Have your invoice? We never recommend you pay for your MyEyeDr. bill through a third-party. Here’s how to pay for your MyEyeDr. bill safely, securely and directly.

3 Safe and Secure Ways to Pay Your Bill Directly with MyEyeDr.

Pay your bill on the computer

Pay your MyEyeDr. bill online

You can pay your invoice online with a credit card easily and securely at myeyedr.mypaymed.com.

Pay your bill over the phone

Pay your MyEyeDr. bill over the phone

If you have your invoice, you can pay your bill over the phone with a credit card by calling our team at 1-888-725-5482.

Pay your bill in person

Pay your MyEyeDr. bill in-person

Prefer to pay in-person? You can pay your bill in-person at your local MyEyeDr. with cash, check or credit card during regular location hours, no appointment necessary. To find the location hours of your nearest MyEyeDr., visit: https://locations.myeyedr.com/search.

MyEyeDr. Bill Pay FAQs

Should I pay my bill through a third party like Doxo.com?

We don’t recommend that you pay for your MyEyeDr. bill through a third party like Doxo.com or any other service. Third parties like Doxo.com can charge fees to you for simply paying a bill that you can pay to MyEyeDr. directly. At MyEyeDr., you can pay directly and securely in-person, over the phone or online, and we never charge additional fees for bill payment transactions. 

Plus, these third party payers like Doxo.com are not connected to your insurance provider to make sure your payment matches up to your insurance benefits.  At MyEyeDr., you can pay directly, safely and securely in-person, over the phone and online, and we never charge additional fees for bill payments you make to us.     

Why does my bill not include my insurance coverage?

We do our best to work with your insurance provider to ensure that your coverage is applied to your visit and purchases in a way that’s most beneficial to you. If you think that there is an error in how your insurance coverage is applied, please give us a call at 1-888-725-5482 so that we can review your account carefully.  

Why did I receive a bill from ‘Avadyne Health’?

Avadyne health is an extension of MyEyeDr.’s business office, and is how you may receive a bill from MyEyeDr.. Avadyne Health is not a collection agency.  

Can I get my MyEyeDr. statements electronically?

Yes, you can sign up to receive statements from MyEyeDr. electronically at: myeyedr.mypaymed.com.  

Can I see my past transactions with MyEyeDr.?

Yes! Log onto our patient portal at myeyedr.mypaymed.com to see your past MyEyeDr. transactions, prescription information and purchases.

Do you have another question about your MyEyeDr. bill or account? We’re happy to help! Please contact us with any questions you may have.