Schedule a Local Eye Doctor Visit in Under Three Minutes

Scheduling your annual eye exam should be easy and simple. At MyEyeDr. we understand how frustrating long hold times can be. That’s why we offer a simple 1-2-3 step approach to scheduling your eye doctor office appointment online. Just choose your location, your appointment type, and your ideal time out of our pre-selected time slots.

MyEyeDr. practices welcome all insurance, striving to offer affordable eye exams in cities across the US that give adults and children a local, trustworthy place for vision.

  • Why Do You Need an Annual Eye Exam?

    Your eye exam is an integral part of your overall health assessment — helping you to see better and manage your wellness for the future. Diabetes, high blood pressure and many other systemic conditions may affect your eye health if left unmanaged. Some symptoms of possible vision problems include:

    • Headaches
    • Eye Pain
    • Blurred or Double Vision
    • Light Sensitivity
    • Redness
    • Itching, Burning, or Discharge
    • Seeing Halos or Floating Spots

    Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms of possible eye problems, you should still schedule an eye doctor appointment every year to maintain your eye and vision health.

  • What Should You Expect During Your Eye Exam?

    Your local MyEyeDr. office combines a variety of tests and advanced technology to evaluate any structural eye changes and monitor progress of existing eye conditions.

    Eye exams routinely consist of:

    • General evaluation of the health of the eye
    • Visual health evaluation
      • Visual acuity assessment
      • Visual function assessment
      • Refraction
      • Fitting and evaluation for contact lenses (if applicable)

Contact a Local MyEyeDr. Office Near You! 

Living your best life includes simplifying your eye care. If you have any questions about eye exams, glasses, insurance, eye doctor office locations, or anything eye-related, please contact your local MyEyeDr. location. If you would like to discuss a recent experience with us, our Patient Relations team is here to help: email us.

Ready to schedule an eye doctor appointment? Our friendly team of affiliated optometrists and optical staff are here to serve you. Just request an eye exam by filling out the online form, or directly contacting your nearest MyEyeDr. location.