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In 2001, an optometrist named Dr. Robert Samit and an optical center director named Sue Healey-Downes sat down together to re-invent the eye care and eyewear experience.


Their idea was to make vision care simple and fun.


Why did the current process of getting new glasses or contacts require separate visits to an eye doctor’s office and an unaffiliated eyewear retailer?


Why did local eye doctors offer a limited inventory of glasses, and why did eyewear retailers provide limited vision health services?


Why couldn’t patients experience comprehensive eye care and a wide selection of eyewear options under the same roof?


From this philosophy, MyEyeDr. was born. Our mission: to unify the science of optometry with the art of patient relations so that you can see, look, and be your best you. 


We asked ourselves how we could make the vision care process easier for both eye doctors and patients. Every MyEyeDr. practice is equipped with the latest in vision care technology, staffed with compassionate, knowledgeable optometrists, and stocked with a wide selection of quality eyewear.


Since then, our network of 40 vision care centers in the Washington D.C. area has grown to over 400 vision care centers in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest and Southeast United States.


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While our desire to provide exceptional eye care services began with our founding members, our tradition of outstanding vision health for the whole family has continued to guide MyEyeDr. throughout the years. Since our humble beginnings, MyEyeDr. has grown and partnered with community-based practices across the country.

If you need the services of a trusted optometry office in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast or Mid-Atlantic United States, visit your local MyEyeDr.


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From the very beginning, MyEyeDr. made it our mission to provide patients with an ideal selection of eyewear — from designer frames to prescription contact lenses to stylish sunglasses — at prices for every budget. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between optimal vision and looking great in your unique style.

Whether you need an off-runway pair of frames, eye exam or glasses for your child, the friendly neighborhood eye centers of MyEyeDr. offer a full range of personalized services to fit your needs. We welcome all insurances to help you save on the brands you love.

If you’re ready to start enjoying the MyEyeDr. difference, we invite you to make an appointment online, or choose one of our locations and give us a call. 

MyEyeDr. practices are proud to provide extensive eye care services from a team of personable and professional eye doctors at local, community optometry offices in the Midwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.