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Did you know extended, long term exposure to harmful blue light can damage your vision and negatively impact your eye health? As kitchens and living rooms become classrooms and work-from-home office spaces, our time on mobile devices and looking at computer screens has increased, as has the closeness of those devices to our eyes. Computer monitors, smart phones, tablet screens, and Flat Screen LED TV’s give off high levels of blue light. Unless you and your loved ones are taking precautionary measures to combat blue light, such as wearing blue light glasses or taking breaks from screens every 20 minutes, you may be at risk for a variety of harmful eye conditions. Common eye health conditions resulting from extended blue light exposure include:


Before you buy a pair of blue light glasses, it’s important to know that all blue light eye glasses are not created equal. Some blue light blocking glasses block both good and bad blue light or add an unwanted yellow tint to the lens. MyEyeDr. offers you ScreenScreen™, a personalized blue light protection solution that filters out harmful blue light while allowing good blue light and doesn’t add an unwanted tint. ScreenScreen™ provides up to 3X more protection from harmful blue light emitted by your screens, making them the preferred choice of blue light glasses among children and adults.

By wearing your ScreenScreen™ you can spend time on digital devices safely without harming your eyes and live your digital life without limits! Schedule your eye exam with MyEyeDr. today to get your personalized blue light protection solution. (Available with and without vision correction). Our optometrists and eye care associates will be happy to help you find the best blue light glasses for your needs!






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