Find Frames in Brands You Want at Prices You’ll Love

Fashions come and go, but great vision is always in style. When you’re ready to update your eyewear with something new and fresh, visit your local MyEyeDr. to find the latest designer frames for the whole family. We can help you find brands in the mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest and Southeast United States that are uniquely yours at a price that is uniquely MyEyeDr.

If you’re in the market for stylish eyeglasses or sunglasses, MyEyeDr. offers a comprehensive array of brands for the discerning shopper, like styles that are off-runway, sophisticated and practical. Visit MyEyeDr. to start shopping for affordable eyewear that helps you see clearly and feel confident.

When it comes to finding new frames, glasses or specialty lenses, our eye doctors and vision staff can help you every step of the way — from providing the right prescription to selecting the perfect pair of eyeglasses to fit your unique style. Not sure about the type of frames you want? Try our face shape guide to find a style that highlights your natural features.

Improve Your Vision with the Right Lenses

If you’re looking for prescription glasses or contact lenses, your local MyEyeDr. can help you find what you need. Whether it’s single vision or progressive lenses, our vision centers can assist you in selecting a pair to help you see clearly and feel comfortable.

Before you visit, browse our online style guide to choose from a selection of distinguished designers and luxury brands to everyday values and glasses for children. MyEyeDr. carries a wide selection of ideal brands in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and mid-Atlantic U.S. for all customers, ensuring you find a style to suit your personality.

MyEyeDr. happily welcomes all insurance plans, and will work closely with you and your vision provider to help maximize your coverage.

To find a brand you’ll love, make an appointment online to schedule a visit at your local MyEyeDr. You can also log in to our Patient Portal if you’re an established patient.


As a leading provider of eye care services, MyEyeDr. offers a comprehensive selection of popular glasses and brands in the Midwest, Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Northeast US.


Eyewear brands we sell include, but are not limited to: