Description of info-graphic Frame Your Face: The perfect frames balance your face shape and highlight your natural features. Use this guide to look your best with the right style for your face shape. Click this image at anytime to browse our glasses.
Oval Face: With a narrow jawline, high cheekbones and a narrow chin, oval faces are versatile enough for almost any frame shape.
Best Fit for an oval Face: Choose  square or rectangular frame that's proportional to your features.
Round Face: With a wide forehead, full cheeks and a rounded chin, round faces are best complemented with angular frames that create contrast with your features.
Best fit for a round face:Choose angular or geometric frames that are wider than they are tall.
Heart-shaped face: With a wide forehead, high cheeks and a narrow jaw, heart shape faces work best with frames that follow the contours of your face.
Best fit for a Heart-shaped face: Choose oval or round frames that are slightly wider than your forehead.
Square-shaped face: With an equally wide forehead, cheeks and chin, square faces work well with oval or round shapes that soften your angular features.
Best fit for a Square-shaped face: Choose an oval or round frame and avoid sharp angles.
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