Explore the Flexibility of Progressive Lenses

At MyEyeDr. practices, everything we do comes back to improving our patients’ quality of life with better vision. That means that we work daily to make seeing clearly easier for our patients. If you’re someone who needs help with vision for both near and far distances, progressive lenses may be the best choice for you. These lenses also work at an intermediate distance level, making working on computers and other digital devices easier.

All progressive lenses are not the same, and MyEyeDr. practices have a wide selection of progressive lenses to accommodate your prescription, budget and style. MyEyeDr. practices can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in your next pair of progressive glasses.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Look for Your Sight

Do your eyes ever have trouble focusing on nearby objects or when you’re reading? If so, you might have presbyopia, a condition associated with aging that makes seeing items up close difficult.

With today’s technology and our team of optometrists, you won’t have to struggle to see things up close or far away. MyEyeDr. practices offer progessive lenses, creating a solution to presbyopia by offering a gradual change in lens power that allows your eyes to easily focus when looking at something near or far. The top part of the lens is adjusted for distance, the middle for intermediate (like your computer screen) and the lower section for seeing or reading close items.

If you’re new to progressives, the optical staff at your local MyEyeDr. practice can help you find the perfect fit for your eyes. Our eye doctors will utilize our advanced technology to get your exact prescription then recommend the best fitting and performing lenses to start improving your vision.

MyEyeDr. practices will never make you sacrifice your look or lifestyle to get your best vision. To find out more about progressive lenses offered at all MyEyeDr. practices, make an appointment using our online form, through the Patient Portal (for returning patients), or by calling your local MyEyeDr practice.