Children’s Eye Care: the ABC's

MyEyeDr. understands that learning always begins with ‘see.’ With classrooms turning virtual and e-learning becoming routine with extended exposure to harmful blue light, it’s important not to delay your child’s eye health exam as some early vision problems can impact vision for life.

(A) Annual eye exams.

Eye health exams are about preventative care, just like annual exams with a pediatrician. Don’t wait till the first day of school; pre-kindergarten eye exams can detect a variety of symptoms regarding your child’s vision, from light reflex to ocular alignment.

(B) Be aware.

Let’s get your child scheduled for an eye health exam if your child exhibits some or all of these impaired vision symptoms:

  • Performs below grade level in school; becomes tired after homework (particularly reading or math)
  • Complains of itchy, burning or watery eyes
  • Rubs eyes after extended digital device usage
  • Holds a digital device or book very close or very far away
  • Comments that words become blurry or combine together

(C) Consider family history.

All children should have their vision tested. It’s even more important if vision corrections occur with siblings. It’s smart to monitor your child’s eye health early if there’s a family history of vision problems. Pediatricians do perform limited vision tests but a comprehensive eye exam conducted by an optometrist is recommended. Every child, by age 5 -- should have an annual eye health exam with an eye care professional.

MyEyeDr. knows that a child’s ability to do well in school and with sports activities pivots on good vision. Schedule your child’s eye exam today at a convenient MyEyeDr. office near you! We welcome all insurances.