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No matter the severity of your eye problems, we want to help you get your vision back to normal — actually, at MyEyeDr., we hope to help you see much better than normal. That’s why we’ve combined expertise with personable eye care to improve your sight.

We have the technology and expertise to diagnose a wide range of common eye problems. In addition, we welcome all insurance plans and offer online appointment requests, making it that much simpler for you to come and see us!





Diagnosing Cataracts to Glaucoma & More

When you’re receiving care for any type of medical condition, we know that you want to make sure you’re in good hands. At MyEyeDr., each of our eye care services is customized to our patients, offering extensive vision care from a staff of passionate and experienced optometrists.

We are well equipped to diagnose the following eye problems at our practices.


We help diagnose and educate our patients about the important visual effects of cataracts, and we can identify the right specialist when needed.


If your dry eye is getting serious, let us help you find relief with prescription eye drops and other treatments for dry eye from digital eye strain, aging and other factors.


We have the leading technology to diagnose glaucoma, as well as expert optometrists to give you recommendations for treating this condition of which early diagnosis is crucial.


Although red-eye and allergies might be common, it doesn’t mean you have to live with affected vision because of them. We can offer you eye drops and other treatments for red eye.


Learn more about this common condition that causes central vision loss, including what tools we have to diagnose macular degeneration in its early stages.


MyEyeDr.: The Experts at Eye Problems

At MyEyeDr., we’ve seen the gamut of eye problems, while also helping patients easily overcome the negative impact of their common eye disorders. You can trust every aspect of your eye care to our friendly and knowledgeable eye doctors and staff.

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