Eye Exams for Your Vision & Health

Just like with your car or home, regular maintenance is key to keeping things running smoothly. Your eye health is no different. An annual eye exam is a great way for your optometrist to get a clear picture of your vision health and find ways to improve it — helping you to see better and manage your overall wellness for the future. Diabetes, high blood pressure and many other systemic conditions may have an effect on your vision or on the health of the eye. An annual eye exam is the best way to manage these risks, so schedule your appointment today!

Customized & Advanced Eye Exams

At MyEyeDr., eye exams focus on the unique eye care needs of our patients. MyEyeDr. practices combine a variety of tests and advanced technology to get a full picture of your eye health and visual needs.

Eye exams routinely consist of:

  • General evaluation of the health of the eye
  • Visual health evaluation
    • Visual acuity assessment
    • Visual function assessment
    • Refraction
    • Fitting and evaluation for contact lenses (if applicable)

MyEyeDr. practices have a unique eye care approach allowing them to provide a comprehensive eye exam that utilizes the latest in optometric technology.

Easily Schedule Your Eye Exam Online

Eyeing those new frames from our style guide? Are you due for an annual eye health exam? Reach out to a MyEyeDr. practice to schedule your eye exam in any of our convenient locations. MyEyeDr. practices welcome all insurance, striving to offer affordable eye exams in cities across the US that give adults and children a local, trustworthy place for vision.

Our friendly team of affiliated optometrists and optical staff are here to serve you. Just request an eye exam appointment by filling out the online form, calling 1.866.693.9336 or contacting your nearest MyEyeDr. location.