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At MyEyeDr. eye care centers, your vision and your eye health are the top priorities. Providing eye care that highlights preventative measures, as well as keeps tabs on your eye problems and conditions, is our main focus. Whether you’re worried about spring allergies, dry eye or glaucoma, our eye doctors can offer sound advice and customized treatment that’s also budget-friendly, as MyEyeDr. welcomes all vision insurances at each eye care location. MyEyeDr. practice staff is dedicated to working with you to maximize your vision care benefits to make eye care services more accessible and affordable.

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Harnessing Technology to Recognize Glaucoma Earlier

Glaucoma is a condition in which the optic nerve of the eye is slowly compromised, resulting in the loss of vision. Glaucoma generally affects the peripheral vision first and moves toward the central vision. Because both eyes are rarely affected equally, patients don’t normally notice any symptoms until the damage is extensive or irreversible. Your eye doctor can perform a variety of tests to make sure your eyes are not affected by glaucoma, and will make recommendations for appropriate treatment if they are.

Our glaucoma specialists have expertise at various aspects of eye care, including diagnosis and treatment for glaucoma. We know how much you rely on them for well-researched and trustworthy eye care, and that’s why we utilize innovative technology to give you clear answers about your ocular health. Using retinal imaging and other tools as a part of your annual eye exam, your eye doctor can see developing conditions, like glaucoma, in your eyes before they disrupt your sight.

Let MyEyeDr. help you see your eye health in the best light by trusting our local doctors to guide you in your vision care. Set up an appointment online (using the Patient Portal if you’re already one of our patients) or simply locate your closest MyEyeDr. practice location to schedule it over the phone. We would be happy to provide you with more information about MyEyeDr. practices' treatment for glaucoma.

Visit our glaucoma FAQ page to see frequently asked questions about this common eye condition.