Pink Eye: Skilled Care Eases A Treatable Infection

Did you know that approximately 6 million cases of pink eye occur annually in the United States? Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is one of the more common eye infections that eye doctors treat. Pink eye is an inflammation of the clear tissue over the whites of your eyes and the inside of your eyelids. While pink eye is common and treatable, it is an uncomfortable infection to manage absent skilled treatment. Let our expert optometrists help provide you with relief today.


What causes Pink Eye?

There are four central causes of pink eye. Two conditions are contagious and should be addressed separately.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis: This form of pink eye is more common in children and may occur in conjunction with ear infections.

Viral Conjunctivitis: Viral pink eye is caused by a wide variety of viruses. Generally, this pink eye will manifest in one eye and quickly spread to the other. Viral pink eye typically aligns with respiratory infections or colds.

Allergen Conjunctivitis: This form of conjunctivitis is not contagious. It’s generally a body’s reaction to allergens such as mold, pollen, or dust.

Irritant Conjunctivitis: This is a common form of pink eye that results from your body negatively reacting to foreign bodies. Irritant stimulates may include dust, smoke, contact lenses, and/or a chemical reaction.


What Are The Symptoms Of Pink Eye?

• Red, watery eyes

• Discharge from the eyes

• Swollen eyelids

• Itchy eyes

• Blurry vision


If you frequently suffer one or several of these symptoms, you may have pink eye that requires an optometrist visit. Most pink eye infections will clear in one or two weeks. Bacterial pink eye, however, requires an antibiotic.


Personalized Care For Your Vision Needs

Pink eye symptoms come and go and may cause only minor annoyances. Schedule an appointment today with an eye doctor at your nearest MyEyeDr. office. The optometrist can help determine the specific causes of your pink eye. Our skilled eye doctors can prescribe an individualized treatment plan and review available and latest options for your vision wellness.

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