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Community Eye Care Services from the Heart

At MyEyeDr., we have re-invented the eye care and eyewear experience. Our approach to vision care unifies the science of optometry with the art of helping patients live their best life so that they can see, look and be their best. we understand that when your eye health is at its best, everything just plain feels better. It’s this dedication, to giving each and every one of our patients the absolute best, most personalized, genuine care that drives MyEyeDr. practices around the country. Our local community doctors and staff have worked hard to foster an environment that always puts the patient's needs first bring the best inand delivering  eye care services to each and every patient that walks through our doors to deliver an eye health experience that comes from the heart.

Eye Care Services for Any Need, for Everyone

At MyEyeDr. every one of our patients will receive unique, personalized care that’s tailored to their needs. Because we accept all insurances, MyEyeDr. is committed to making sure that we can solve a diverse range of vision problems and improve our patients sight. Our local experts know vision insurance better than most, so we’ll make sure to maximize your benefits, while also offering additional perks through MyVisionPlan and MyAnnualSupply.

We’ll help you experience better eye health than ever through these eye care services:

Eye Exams

In need of an annual eye exam? From the diagnosis of cataracts and glaucoma, to finding the perfect prescription for glasses and contact lenses, our dedicated doctors can turn a simple eye exam into a life-changing moment. An eye exam at MyEyeDr. isn’t just a routine procedure, it’s a way to help you unlock an even better you. look, see and be your best!

Retinal Imaging

One of the best ways to paint a clearer picture of your eye health is through retinal imaging. MyEyeDr.’s cutting edge technology may be complex behind the scenes, but utilizing this tech is important for the early detection of ocular disease. While the technology is complex, the process could not be simpler for you as a patient!

Treatment for Common Problems

Sometimes, one simple fix can make a huge difference. At MyEyeDr., we can help with many common eye problems, from nearsightedness and dry eye to identifying cataracts and macular disease.

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Our doctors, consultants and support staff are unified as one team with one purpose: helping patients. We are committed to delivering consistent personalized care while also providing them with an ideal selection of prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses We know it’s not just about seeing your best, but looking it, too!

Booking an appointment at your local MyEyeDr. practice is as easy as locating your nearest office location and scheduling your appointment using our online scheduler. Not seeing a time that works for you? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to fit you in!

MyEyeDr. practices are proud to provide eye care services in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest United States.