A Message to Our Patients on Eye Related Medical Needs During COVID-19 Crisis


Please keep in mind, that any patients experiencing signs or symptoms of a life-threatening emergency should dial 911.  If you are having an ocular emergency, please call the office.   


What Symptoms Indicate That You Have An Eye Emergency? 

An eye emergency is when symptoms happen suddenly and are the result of eye trauma or they affect your vision noticeably. Symptoms range from eye pain to vision loss. This can be the result of many different factors such as an injury to the eye, objects in the eye, chemicals in the eye, or a severe eye infection. Common ocular emergency symptoms include: 

  • Eye infection 
  • Painful eyes 
  • Loss of Vision 
  • Sudden Double Vision 
  • Eye Trauma 
  • Scratch or cut in the eye 
  • Chemicals, objects in the eye 
  • Flashes of light 
  • Extensive, new floating spots / floaters 
  • Severe Light Sensitivity 
  • Eye Discharge 

If you experience any of these symptoms, please call us immediately and we will provide you with assistance to help you with your emergency. Call us immediately in the event of an emergency here.

We are all in this together and appreciate your understanding as we do our part during this challenging time. We look forward to serving your eye health and optical needs again soon.