Find Your Best Fit in Contact Lenses

Have you been wearing contact lenses for a while and need an updated prescription? Are you experiencing dryness with your contact lenses or searching for an alternative to glasses?

If you’re in any one of these camps, MyEyeDr. practices can help you with a contact lens evaluation at our optometry offices in the mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest and Southeast United States, where we offer eye care services personalized to your needs.

Consult Our Experts About Your Prescription Contact Lenses

When you come in a MyEyeDr. practice for a contact lens exam, your eye doctor can determine your exact prescription, using advanced technology like retinal imaging to also assess your eye health. Then, our professional optometrist can discuss the type of contact lens that would be best for you. Whether you have an astigmatism, dry eyes or require bifocals, MyEyeDr. practices will work to find a pair of prescription contact lenses that will feel comfortable on your eyes. MyEyeDr. practices carry the best brands of contact lenses to ensure that you have a choice from the highest quality contact lenses for your specific vision needs.

MyEyeDr. practices even help you learn how to take care of your contact lenses to maximize their effectiveness. If you have issues with your new prescription contact lenses, our optometric staff is here to help you enjoy wearing your lenses every day.

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam at MyEyeDr.

Interested in trying out contact lenses or wanting to see more clearly with the ones you have? Contact your local MyEyeDr. practice today or easily make an appointment online (using our Patient Portal if you’re already a patient). We would be happy to schedule a contact lens exam or contact fitting for you!

MyEyeDr. practices provide local eye care services, as well as contact lens evaluations and fittings, in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest and Southeast U.S.