Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses All Year Long

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There’s nothing better than spending quality family time outdoors. Before you head out, make sure you and your children have the proper eye protection to keep your eyes happy and healthy. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80 percent of lifetime exposure to UV is received before age 18. Early and prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to serious eye health consequences, including macular degeneration and cataract formation.

Macular degeneration, which affects the central retina and macula, can cause the central part of your vision to become blurry. Prevention of macular degeneration by wearing sunglasses is extremely important, as it is a leading cause of vision loss for Americans age 65 and older. Exposure to UV rays can also cause the early formation of cataracts, a clouding of the eye's natural lens. This issue impacts more than 22 million Americans and, untreated, can lead to blindness.

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Many people do not realize that their eyes can become sunburned after a day of high sun exposure. Sunburn of the eye or photokeratitis, causes intense pain and several days of blurry vision. The more intense the sun environment – lake, beach, snow – the greater the risk of photokeratitis.

How do you spot the best sunglasses?

  • Purchase sunglasses from a reputable eye care provider who can ensure sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection
  • Consider polarized lenses that reduce glare and eye strain
  • Try wraparound styles, these protect the whole eye and the skin around it

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