Solar Eclipse and Potential Eye Damage

solar eclipse

The solar eclipse may offer a cool view for a few minutes, but at MyEyeDr., we want you to protect your vision for a lifetime. Depending on your address, you may not experience the total eclipse and more of the sun’s damaging rays may reach your eyes than you expect--don’t risk it. We urge the public to view the solar eclipse indirectly, by watching it online or via their favorite news broadcast.

If you insist on directly viewing the eclipse, we urge Americans to use proper eye protection to avoid any temporary or permanent eye damage from the sun. Never look directly at the sun without eye protection, even briefly. Although we always recommend wearing UV blocking sunglasses, not even your darkest sunglasses can completely protect your eyes from damage caused by looking directly at the sun during the eclipse.

Along with the American Optometric Association, MyEyeDr. cautions our patients from purchasing the various ‘eclipse glasses’ found online, as they may not provide the protection claimed by the manufacturer. NASA, however, has provided information on approved manufacturers, quality standards, and how to confirm the authenticity of eclipse glasses, at

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