Stay Healthy After Corrective Eye Surgery

Eye Health
Woman wearing glasses on train reading tablet

Eyesight improvement surgeries are life changing. They mark the end of contacts and glasses for many individuals. But don’t let them mark the end of annual vision exams.

Nearsighted individuals don’t see clearly because their eye(s) are too long from front to back. This causes distant objects to appear blurry. LASIK, LASEK or PRK don’t change the shape of the eye, they flatten the cornea and thereby make the eye’s focal point land on the accurate place. For many, this means they can see clearly for the first time in decades! But the shape of the eye has not changed.

After corrective surgery, an individual could assume that as long as they are seeing well, everything is fine. What many don’t know is that their nearsightedness predisposes them to retinal detachment and other issues they should be examined for on an annual basis.

Need another reason to see your optometrist? Glaucoma, sun damage and Computer Vision Syndrome are just a few issues that even those with perfect vision should be checked for regularly. And don’t forget, the eye can act as a bellwether for overall health.

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By Dr. Terry Ellington