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Jeanne I Ruff

MyEyeDr.: Providing Premier Optometry in Williamsburg, VA

With hundreds of options for eye care in Williamsburg, VA, it’s important to know what separates exceptional care from mediocre services. MyEyeDr., formerly National Optometry, is a fast-growing, all-service optometry practice that specializes in providing premier eye care in Monticello Marketplace Shoppes. From our innovative retinal imaging technology to sports performance vision care, MyEyeDr. provides quality care for your entire family.

Whether you need a new prescription, a comprehensive eye exam, or special eye care for your children, we take care of all of your vision needs. Our experienced optometrists work hard to make sure you achieve optimal eye health. We treat a variety of common eye conditions such as red eye due to allergies, cataracts and macular degeneration.

At MyEyeDr., we pride ourselves on providing premier care for entire families. It is vital to get your child’s eyes checked yearly, as common eye problems can be disguised as other conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). If you suspect that your child may need glasses but are unsure, take our online children’s eye health quiz.

We strive to make your visit hassle-free and comfortable. That’s why we accept all insurance and work to maximize your benefits.

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