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Dr. Walter Atkenson

Undergraduate Education:

Wabash College

Optometry School:

Illinois College of Optometry



Why I love eye care:

To be able to help others protect and preserve  the precious gift of sight is a profession which is second to none.

Life motto:

Don't be sad because it's over,  be glad because it happened.

Favorite music genre:


Favorite Type of Vacation Destination:

Anything in Arizona

Favorite Holiday:


Your role model/hero:

My Dad

Something we don't know about you:

Love to play golf and have two hole in ones.

What influences make you a better practioner?

I was brought up to always do what I felt was right in my heart. I treat every patient with that same mindset.

What would you like new and current patients to know?

Patients can rest assured that the trust they have in me will never waiver.