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Ammar Jawdi

Undergraduate Education:

The University of Chicago

Optometry School:

Illinois College of Optometry


Ocular Disease

Why I love eye care:

The eye is a truly fascinating organ that provides us with great insight into the patient's visual system but also allows us to veer into the systemic side of things to make observations relating to the general health of the patient. Being able to diagnose, treat, and manage the plethora of visual, ocular, and systemic afflictions which may be observed through an ocular exam is why I love eye care.

Favorite music genre:

Progressive Rock/Metal

What influences make you a better practioner?

Undergoing a residency in Ocular Disease and Primary Care at the Marion VA Medical Center provided me with a thorough experience and has made me more adept at managing and/or treating most eye afflictions. Additionally, receiving the mentorship of faculty at my aforementioned residency site, as well as through faculty at the Illinois College of Optometry, has influenced me greatly to provide the best possible care to my patients and to continue expanding my clinical acumen.